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Located in Melbourne's beautiful bayside suburbs of Sandringham and Mornington, KPA Lawyers has a reputation in its community for exceptional service to its clients and the broader community.

KPA Lawyers was established in 1988. It is an innovative law firm providing high-end quality advice and individual attention to clients in a range of legal services. The firm's values are based on client-focused work, honesty and integrity, professionalism and accountability.

As a firm, KPA Lawyers is stronger than ever with the teams at Land Transfer Services and LMS Lawyers joining the KPA Lawyers team to expand the services KPA Lawyers can offer to clients.

Whether you are purchasing your first property, separating from your partner, organising your affairs or embarking on a brand new business venture, we know our job is to support you and look out for your best interests.

At KPA Lawyers, different lawyers are responsible for different primary practice areas which gives our clients access to lawyers who have specific knowledge, expertise and skills across a full range of legal services, while also having their matter dealt with holistically.

We aim to provide an exceptional and professional service to our clients from start to finish.

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Corporate Responsibilities


Grow Hope Foundation

Established in 2015, the Grow Hope Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that provides educational programs, events and experiences for young Indigenous Australians. These learning experiences are helping to provide opportunities that will support the success of their future.

The mission of Grow Hope is to ensure all Australians walk and grow together, and become the leaders of tomorrow. KPA's very own Director and Founder, Ray Purcell, is the chairman of the Grow Hope Foundation, working with the support of the KPA Lawyers to have a significant impact. KPA is proud to be able to work with and support the Grow Hope Foundation and the amazing work they do.

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Village Zero

KPA Lawyers works closely with Village Zero, a not-for-profit community group that is driving urban regeneration and sustainable practices.

KPA Lawyers have taken up the Village Zero solar drive, in partnership with Acacia Energy, and installed solar panels at our business premise in Sandringham Village, helping to bring Sandringham Village one step closer to reducing its carbon footprint.

Our Director, Ray Purcell is a founding member of Village Zero. Two of our staff have joined Village Zero as members.

We value our connection with Village Zero and share the vision of ensuring the local economy and community thrive, whilst also nurturing our natural environment.

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